My biggest passion in life honestly is the game of football. Growing up on the lower west side of Cleveland the only things I could do was get into trouble on the streets like most of my family has or find something else to focus on and my focus was football. My older brother was always a skilled athlete I grew up wanting to watch and play sports with him and his friends. I spend 12 years in and proudly was the first my family to graduate from high school and it was from them the Cleveland Public school system. I graduated in 2010 from the now closed high school of Carl F. Shuler and if you haven’t heard about it that would be because it was a high school that was converted from a middle school and was only open 3 years after being converted. This school had no sports programs other then basketball during my freshmen year after talking after school with my science teacher I learned that he was a coach for John Marshall, another high school that was only just down the road from my school.

The next day I went with him after school to an off-season workout at Marshall, I met with the head coach and the other coaches and talked about what I knew about football and after explaining that all of my knowledge about my favorite sports came through only watching football and my own studying online they we’re amazed. The next step in their head was they would have me workout with the team and go through drills. Now my 7th and 8th grade years I wrestled in the 230 pound weight class for my school so going into this all of us thought I was around 230 pounds but here I was a high school freshman lifting with their own senior lineman and running with running-backs and wide-outs, not as fast but I was easily faster then the lineman. Both them and myself was impressed because while the drills weren’t quite my forte but that was because of lack of experience, my knowledge and physical ability impressed the head coach enough to write a letter to the principal of the school and ask for a transfer request for me. Shortly after talking about where I would fit and positions I would play(center and nose tackle) my teacher, the offensive and defensive line coach wanted me to get on the scale so I did, only to fine out I was no 286 pounds and not the 230 we had thought. After spending two weeks with the team we were told that the transfer was denied because of the school being over crowded so I finished off the year working out with the team with the coach’s plan to being try again the transfer again at the end of the school year only for it to again be denied.

Crushed, I put my heart into my training and crafting my skills now mastering the drills I had before never tried before only to be told it couldn’t happen and the following year all of the coaches were fired and a new coaching staff brought in I let it defeat me and I never played a down or even was a part of a team. I ended up just playing football with friend whenever and finish off high school without something to motivate me to have the grades that I should’ve sadly enough. After my son was born in 2011 I found a motivation for the game again, and now at the age of 24 I’m finally chasing the dreams that I gave up on 11 years ago. Now I’m working a full-time job, raising a perfect little boy, pursuing my ambitions of working in sports broadcasting, and chasing my dream of someday playing football on a professional level. I understand the chances and am realistic about it, that also is why I’m going to school, and looking to focus my career into where I think I am more needed as someday a college football coach. The only bigger thing then trying to spark and now someday make it as a professional football players so late in my life, is taking the zero experience I have on the field and prove I will be one of the greatest coaches of all time. Remember please, when you read this and start to laugh or ask my how I think I can, Bill Belichick never was ever good at football in high school and never played college football. Nothing is ever impossible, your dreams don’t come true if you don’t have the balls to make them true.

Coaching is my goal really, I only want to play for the experience and the money if I ever make it as a professional. Coaching to me is where I can make the different I want to. As a college head football coach for me whatever money and success is only a byproduct of how my ability but also as a coach you get to make the different in someone life. While yes of course I would love for every player I coach to go on to the next level and have the chance I gave up on 11 years ago but most of all I believe in the idea of the student athlete. Not every player I coach will go on to the next level, producing “next level talent” is also another byproduct, I want to be able to help these young adults find their passions and allow them the chance through scholarship to pursue that passion, further their education, get a degree, and build a future in a career field they love and spark a new generation that will lead us into a bright and promising future.


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