Cleveland Browns Are Next



First to the gold was Stipe Miocic winning the UFC Heavyweight championship, next the Lake Erie Monsters win the Calder Cup, then the Cleveland Cavaliers make history may coming back from being down 3-1 to Golden State, now the Cleveland Indians have just locked up their spot in the 2016 World Series. Last on the Cleveland sports team listed is mine and our beloved Cleveland Browns who have not won a championship since 1964, that would be 53 years since. Currently with a record this NFL season 0-6, most would say that they are the furthest team from the Super bowl, or are they really?Yes I understand the first think you thought is this guy is either has a drug problem or he just is the world’s biggest homer, possibly both! I promise you I do not have a drug problem and yes I am a homer but I’m more realist then most. Hear me out because although your don’t believe me I know what I am talking about here. Hue Jackson is the best head coach the Browns have had since coming back in 1999. His coaching ability, strategic mind for putting players in the best place to make plays, his infectious work ethic, and his ability to get players to follow him into battle make him a legitimate head coach in to NFL.

 I know what your going to say, “Clearly your stupid if you haven’t noticed that their and young team who can’t win a game.” Well yes I know they are a very young team, actually the second youngest team in the NFL with the average age being 25.08 years old but that simply means that this year their going to focus on getting these young players on-field experience that most players wouldn’t get because they would be backups and rotational players on other teams. I promise you that no matter how awesome and amazing you think that you are you crawled before you ever walked, take that mindset and put it towards an NFL team.

My next point is yes “their is little to no veteran leadership on this team.” Yes, again your making a great, skin deep point that a simple 101 football fan could make. The Browns are number 3 when it comes to most money to spend under the cap. There is no point to just have veterans eating up on-field time, money, and roster spots that can be used to find even more young guys to lead this team into the future. Veterans are a finally piece that teams some never build upon, they should be added after you have your core in place.

With my finally point, don’t worry, it’s ok to be wrong every once in awhile but your already losing this pissing contest so please be sure to shake it only twice and put it away. We just drafted 14 players who are showing good potential, one of these being the franchise quarterback Cody Kessler and a lot of hard working and talented guys all around. Next year, we current have 13 picks, and clearly a front office who like to add picks through trade.

So to summary everything once again for you, young team, a lot of money to spend, front office always looking to add more picks and young guys, found the franchise quarterback, and to top it all off a great head who can teach young guys and is skilled at putting them into places where they can shine. The final score is in, yes I win so me not you gets the sprinkles but thank you for reading my rant, please share if you enjoyed your reading, go Browns and go Cleveland!


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